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Meet The Solar Guys

We are so proud to be home to the best team in the Solar industry. Get to know a bit about us...

Jesse & Michelle Wiederin

Jesse and Michelle Wiederin are the proud owners of The Solar Guys. With Jesse's extensive experience in the solar industry spanning over 12 years, and Michelle's background as a teacher for 10 years, they have combined their knowledge and passion to create a successful business.

Jesse's journey in the solar industry began over a decade

ago, where he gained expertise in the field, honing his skills and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in solar technology. His dedication to renewable energy solutions and his desire to make a positive impact on the environment led him to establish The Solar Guys with his brother, a company committed to providing sustainable energy solutions to their customers.

Michelle, on the other hand, initially pursued a career in teaching, sharing her knowledge with elementary aged students and enjoyed every minute of it. However, her passion for environmental sustainability aligned perfectly with Jesse's vision for The Solar Guys. Recently joining the company, Michelle now brings her expertise to the table as well.

Beyond their professional lives, Jesse and Michelle find joy in spending quality time with their two boys, aged 5 and 1. They are a close-knit family that loves being outdoors, camping, and engaging in various activities on their property. Whether it's working on their house or finding another project to begin, they cherish the moments they spend together as a family.

Jesse and Michelle's dedication to their family, their shared passion for renewable energy, and their commitment to providing sustainable solutions through The Solar Guys make them a dynamic team. They strive to make a difference in the world by promoting solar energy, creating a brighter future for their children and generations to come.

Eric Taylor

Coming from the Environmental, Health, and Safety field, I have a passion for green energy and trying to make the world a better place for everyone. I strive to ensure all of our customers receive the best possible care available throughout their project timelines.  I was born and raised in the Kansas City area, and most of my family still resides here. My hobbies include video games, reading, training my two wonderful dogs, and most recently kayaking.

Allison Hill

With nearly two decades of office administration experience, I bring resourcefulness, reliability, and a natural desire to help others. I love to think out of the box and work tirelessly to help my team be successful.

As a Colorado Native, I prefer any activity that takes me outside. Whether fishing, camping, or playing volleyball I enjoy being in the fresh air. The sun is a renewable source of everlasting energy. I believe we all have an important role in mitigating climate change which is critical for the future of our planet. Solar industry is good for the

environment as it creates jobs, promotes energy dependence including protecting humans, wildlife, and ecosystems.

Words I live by: Everyone has a story, so be kind to each other.

Cassie Oslin

Cassie our enthusiastic Customer Outreach Specialist at The Solar Guys. With a true passion for solar energy, Cassie is dedicated to connecting homeowners and businesses with sustainable solutions. Her drive to promote renewable energy and foster positive change inspires us all. As a trusted advocate for solar, Cassie is committed to empowering our clients to embrace a greener, more eco-friendly future.

Chad Gray

Chad brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the solar industry, with 5 years of dedicated involvement in the field. With a strong background in marketing and sales spanning over 20 years, Chad combines his knowledge of effective communication and customer satisfaction with his commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Chad is a devoted family man and proud father to his 8-year-old son. He understands the importance of creating a better future for the next generation, which fuels his passion for promoting solar energy as a clean and renewable source of power.

In his free time, Chad enjoys making cherished memories with his loved ones, cherishing the moments spent with his family. Whether it's a game of golf, disc golf, or engaging in friendly competition through video games, Chad values the bond that comes from shared experiences. Additionally, he finds solace and personal growth through meditation, continuously striving to better himself in all aspects of life.

With his extensive knowledge of solar systems, dedication to customer satisfaction, and commitment to personal growth, Chad is an invaluable asset to the solar industry, and to The Solar Guys, helping individuals and families stop throwing their money away on power.

Rich Wilks

My name is Rich, here to help and assist you on your journey for Solar Power with over 25 years of customer service, marketing & sales experience. I’ve made it my life priority to gather the knowledge and skills to ensure that every customer has a good experience along the way!

I was born and raised in South East Michigan. I’ve taken pleasure in traveling many places throughout my careers ranging from OH, WV, FL, AZ, MD and now KS & MO.

I enjoy outdoor outings with my friends & family, barbeques at the park by the water on a nice sunny day, hiking in the woods and riding bike trails. On rainy days I'm either working on a home project or tinkering around in the music studio with my kids. Words I live by: Treat others how you want to be treated. Rest assured I’m here for you and any questions or inquiries you may have!

Brandi Priddy-Campbell

I find the field of solar energy fascinating, and I am passionate about promoting its benefits and technical advancements. Guiding clients in making well-informed decisions in this exciting and sustainable industry drives me to do my job well.

What drew me to this company is our strong emphasis on family values and exceptional customer care. As a project manager, I ensure that every aspect of the solar journey is handled with precision and care.

With my background in project management, logistic coordinating, and marketing, I bring a diverse skill set to the team and use these skills to assist them.

Let's embark on this solar adventure and create a brighter future for our families!

Mike Reysack

Mike Reysack is a seasoned professional with many successful years in the financial services industry. He has worked in many different areas over the past twenty + years including investment, capital formation, insurance, and real estate development. Most recently, Mike has used his skills consulting for several start-up companies including ag, data analytics, and medical technology.

Mike has a passion for getting things done, thinking outside the box, and accomplishing the tasks in front of him. He is client centered, attentively focused, and pursues excellence.

Mike, a University of Northern Iowa graduate with a BA in education is thrilled to be associated with The Solar Guys of Iowa as an owner operator. He looks forward to working with many types of businesses

creating the perfect opportunity for success.

He has been married to Jayne for over 30 years and has raised three beautiful and inspiring triplet children (Michael, Hannah, and Sydney). When he is not working or spending time with family, he enjoys CrossFit, golf, racquet sports, and traveling the country playing Sr. softball.

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