About The Solar Guys.

We believe in doing our part for the world through the use of cleaner greener means of energy, and this led us to the solar power industry. Solar power is a consistent form of energy, and it’s easy to convert to electricity almost anywhere.

We started off working with different solar energy brands to fulfill our goals, but we wanted to do more than be a part of someone else’s bigger plan. So, we launched our own company in January 2014 to help people shift from conventional to clean energy. We install their solar systems, maintain them, and even repair them in case of damage or malfunctions.

When we are not at work, you’ll find us enjoying the company of our family. We love going fishing, hunting, and four-wheeling when we get the chance. We also make time to help those in need within our community, as it gives us immense satisfaction and sets a great example for our families and the people we connect with.

We have enjoyed sharing our story about the things that matter to us and how they influence the way we do business.

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